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Spring has just begun. It is time to say goodbye to the boring winter. Which element suits the sunny spring most? It’s printed flower! It is not difficult to find floral elements in catwalk shows during London and New York 2017 fashion weeks. It is printed clothing that is prevalent this spring, turning you into a flower fairy immediately.

Haute couture dresses in floral print released by Mulberry in 2017 London Fashion Week

Floral dresses in 2017 New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer, Figure 1 &3: GIAMBATTISTA VALLI, Figure 2: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

Printed elements show temperamental best. Naturally, it is loved and pursued by chic ladies. If you are tired of minimal-style clothes, why not choose brilliant printed elements to fill your girl’s heart while go hiking in this beautiful spring?

No.1 Printed Dress

Elastic waist, elastic cuffs, freely retractable; comfortable and not binding, stretches your curves and makes you look thin and tall; whether you are tall or short, it helps you realize the dream of having long legs.

AS Feminine Vintage Flower Dress--Red

AS Feminine Vintage Flower Dress--Navy

NO.2 Printed Blouse and Knitwear

Pastoral floral blouses look fresh and graceful, which could improve your temperament. But wrong match seems dazzling. We suggest to pick a plain skirt or jeans in order to match a fresh printed blouse. Wearing a pair of round-toe high heels with narrow bands will make you more feminine.

CHERRYKOKO Apricot Flower Blouse

Although spring begins, it is still chill sometimes.Therefore, it is necessary to wear a knit sweater. Put on floral knitwear and match a long flowing dress, let’s go hiking in the suburbs with your girlfriends. It is definitely warm and beautiful!

Pink Blooming Long Sleeve Angora Sweater

No.3 Printed Skirt

Similar to the matching rules of printed blouse, printed skirts should be matched with plain tops. It is because floral prints may have already reached the extremity of those who have trypophobia. With exaggerating and complicated tops, there is no primary and secondary, making others confused where to pay attention to. Printed skirt with a white blouse or simple T-shirt is absolutely a good choice.

Black Flower Chiffon Long Skirt

The below tulip-printed skirt provides a good example of color-contrast. Such vibrant colors are not dazzling, but impressive. Remember to put blouse into the skirt so that enhance the waist position, which could make you look taller and slimmer. Don't you seem more energetic in such a look?

Yellow Tulip Pattern Skirt

立春已过,是时候与沉闷寡淡的冬季告别了。而什么元素与明媚灿烂的春天最般配呢?毫无疑问当然是印花元素啦~ 而从2017年各大时装周的秀场上也不难发现印花的身影。今年春天正是流行这种开满花的衣服,让你秒变花仙子!


纽约2017春夏时装周碎花裙展示,图一和图三为GIAMBATTISTA VALLI, 图二为ALEXANDER MCQUEEN(图片来自网络)


NO.1 小碎花连衣裙




 NO.2 小碎花衬衫、针织衫




虽然过了立春,但还是春寒料峭,穿一件针织衫还是很有必要的。 穿上小碎花的毛衣搭上飘逸的长裙,和闺蜜一起去郊外踏青吧!保暖又不失美丽。


NO.3 小碎花半身裙






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