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Facial masks is a very important step of skin care and they are very effective. There are no ugly women, only lazy women in this world. However, many women still don’t know facial masks’ material types and their functions. Today, let’s get rid of this “blind zone”.

Traditional Non-Woven Fabric: Most facial masks’ material is this type, since it’s cheap to manufacture. It absorbs essence very well and breathable. However, it is like you wear a scary white facial mask, and does not adhere to the face too well. And it will cost much petroleum to produce it, so it is not an environmental material.

I suggest My Beauty Diary in this category, which popular around the world.


Black Facial Masks: this type is more and more popular in recent years. It is produced by bamboo carbon fiber which eliminates oil and absorb dirty very well. So, if you want to get rid of dirty, please choose this type.

I suggest Sexylook black facial masks since it is famous for it 


Gel Type Material: these are usually oil-free and have a gel consistency. Because of their naturally cold temperatures, they are also ideal for soothing redness in sensitive skin, as well as soothing sunburns. They are very mild, and good to most skin types. But it is not recommended to wear long time.

It’s skin facial masks are this type, it is very effective on acne treatment


Silk Fabric: it is like silk that it is softer, lighter and more comfortable than traditional non-woven fabric. It has great absorption system, easy to fit your face and makes you breathable when wearing it. However, please be careful since there are many fake products and exaggerated advertisement in market.

I recommend Mediheal facial masks and feel its silk fabric so comfortable.

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Bio-cellulose Fabric: it is the newest generation of fabric for sheet masks developed with advanced technology. A combination of positive attributes from non-woven fabric and natural hydrogel. Since it’s difficulty to produce, it is more expensive. Most available in premium spa salon.

AHC is advanced skin care brand, that its facial masks’ material is this type, you can feel spa service at home


Sleeping Facial Masks: it is usually like gel or cream rather than a sheet. Usually, mask sheet can only wear 15 minutes since it will be dry for long time, however, sleeping facial mask could moisture your skin a whole night. Moreover, you don't need to wash off after apply it, just go to sleep! After a deep sleep while wearing the mask, you will awaken with smooth and glowing skin! That's why many women like to choose this type of facial mask. 
97.5% of the 200 users testified to a better skin condition the morning after use of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask 


传统无纺布面膜:市场上大部分都是这种材质,因为成本相对便宜。它减少了滋润营养成分的蒸发和流失,使精华液更易吸收。无纺布基材蓬松,柔软,棉网均匀性好,不产生纤维屑,强韧耐。但敷面膜时如同白色面具,且行动不便~ 另外无纺布生产过程中会消耗大量的石油资源,从这一点说,无纺布面膜并不是真正意义上的环保材料。

















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