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Chinese Valentine’s Day (also known as the Double Seventh Festival) is just around the corner. The day comes and you wander in front of you wardrobe, pondering about the perfect outwear to impress your date. Either it’s that cute boy you’ve been always wanting to get with, or your attractive significant other that you want to show appreciation to, the perfect outfit says it all. So how should you style for the Chinese V-day?

Similar to that of the western day of love, the Chinese Valentine’s Day also has its own roots in the culture. The day comes from a love story that is thousands of years old between the 7th Princess of Heaven and an orphaned shepherd boy on Earth. While the princess sneaked away with her sisters one evening to visit Earth, the shepherd walked in them bathing in a pond. Upon the glistening water droplets dripping down her perfect figure, and the shimmering sunshine that shown on the beauty of the goddess, the shepherd fell in love at first sight. To caught her attention, he stole her clothes and schemed to ask her for her hand in marriage in exchange. However, love between the gods and humans was forbidden. After the Empress of the Heavens found out, she kidnapped the princess and separated the couple with the Milky Way. However, they were allowed to reunite only once a year on a bridge of magpies on July 7th on the lunar calendar.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is not only a day of love and romance, but also a day of reunion and appreciation. In China, couples would go to temples to pray for their love and a good future. It is also a good chance to show your love to your secret admirer. So why not show your appreciation or admiration on this day by stunning your lover with your outfit? Which style is best for you? Let’s take a look!

1. Fresh and Graceful Style

While layers of makeup can improve your outer appearance, sometimes less is more. Give off a refreshing vibe with a fresh face and a simple printed dress. Make a statement with a pair of white high-heels and a delicate monochrome handbag. Your gracefulness will sweep him off his feet!

Recommendation 1: CHERRY KOKO Flowery Corne Dress  100% Cotton, This revitalizing printed flower pattern will radiate energy and elegance.

2. Sexy and Sweet Style

Who says you can’t be sexy and sweet at the same time? While many people may have the wrong impression that exposure means sex appeal, sometimes hinting at the figure underneath can be more of a motivation for your lover to act up than anything! Add some spice to your sugar and a peak into everything that’s nice with these recommendations!

Recommendation 1: CHUU Mosaic Baby Doll Dress  Show a little skin and tease your date with a glimpse of your cleavage! The adorable mosaic pattern not only highlights your figure but also your adorable and playful personality.

Recommendation 2: CHERRY KOKO Off Shoulder White Dress  The off-the-shoulder look not only reveals your easy-to-cuddle-with shoulders, but also suggests at your sexy posture. No wonder it’s the trend of the summer! 

3. Romantic and Fairy Style

Most girls long for romantic love, so it’s best to make you like a princess/goddess in front of him. Voile and ruffled skirts are the best choice. Tops could match macaron’s color, like this year’s popular color “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity”. And please not to wearing the same or similar color on both tops and skirts.

Recommendation 1: CHERRY KOKO Pink Ruffled Skirt   Light pink and skirt flounce are very aesthetic. We suggest you wear a white/ivory top like the model and wear pearl necklace. WOW, a beautiful upcoming bride is ready!

4. Simple and Slimming Style.

Sometimes simple is the best. Women around 35’could try simple and sexy style. It’s best to avoid bowknot, lace and other similar elements.  

Recommendation 1: Black Color-Back Slit Dress  This black dress is a good example for simple and sexy style, it could reveal your slimming and S-shape figure. And its tailor is simple and modern. But please pay attention that don’t eat too much when dating.  

Recommendation 2: CHERRY KOKO Black Flowery Scenty Dress   Women around 35 could also try classical style. This dress is a good choice. We suggest to use red lipstick to make a classical makeup. It will look sexy and gorgeous.


1. 清新气质装扮


推荐1:CHERRY KOKO 田园小碎花连衣裙  100% 棉,清新的印花,背后有点小裸露设计,显出一点小性感。



推荐1. CHUU 粉色几何图形抹胸连衣裙   这件粉色抹胸连衣裙可以完美地展现你的事业线,粉色几何印花图案显得青春洋溢。值得注意的是在穿抹胸的同时也要注意穿对BRA,否则很容易走光。

推荐2:CHERRY KOKO 一字领中袖白色连衣裙   一字肩是今年夏天的流行趋势。它不仅可以露出女人迷人的锁骨和香肩,褶皱边也能体现甜美可爱。纯白色则显得人干净有气质。

3. 浪漫唯美装扮


    推荐1:CHERRY KOKO 淡粉色包臀荷叶边鱼尾裙   淡粉色与荷叶边都很唯美,推荐像模特一样上装着白色,再配上珍珠项链,像待嫁的新娘。

    4. 简单修身装扮


      推荐1: 黑色修身包臀性感显瘦长裙   这条黑色裙子就是很好的示范,一是能突显凹凸有致的身材,二是裁剪简单,也没有过多的修饰。切忌约会时吃太多,露出小肚子哟~

      推荐2:CHERRY KOKO 小碎花复古田园长裙   熟女也可以尝试一下复古元素,这件高领印花长裙就是很好的示范。建议配上复古红唇,会很有女人味。


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